Performance and installation pieces from Squash & Biscuit. Ranging from evening-length works to site-specific environments to digital investigations, our work focuses on creation through serious absurdity.


Seven Little Trains
Sound Film

Music For Your Inbox is an organization in Los Angeles that supports experimental sound artist and musicians by offering them a chance for documentation, to create filmed sound art or a sound-focused film, while inviting visual artists to create a unique piece of art related to the theme. 

In February 2024, we collaborated with animator Mengxi Yang to create Seven Little Trains. We wanted to move from a realiztic world to a fantastical world and wanted to use animation to make this possible. Using close, small sounds of every day objects, we firmly placed ourselves in a visceral reality. Slowly, more musical and electronic elements interjected until we are completly out of the realm of the ordinary.

Invisible Sounds

Online Series

Everyday we walk through a vibrant quilt that is the sonic world each of us inhabit. It’s not the same: some have exceptionally loud auditory worlds, others are blessed with a more dulcet existence, and wherever you fall in this spectrum, there is the one thing that catches your attention. The strange way the water drains, a specific tone that resonates each time a machine runs, or just the sound of a simmering pot. These small sounds that attract us are unique, individualized, and evolve over time.

Invisible Sounds briefly sheds light on sounds that are rarely heard or rarely given any attention by asking those who have had time to observe their environment and have listened deeply to their surroundings. From restaurants, to cafes, to malls and senic overlooks, Invisible Sounds showcases small sounds of an average day.

Take time to hear your world and find what attracts you.

Invisible Sounds 消音
Little Tokyo Marketplace

Little Tokyo Marketplace is located in downtown Los Angeles and offers a great selection of produce along with other imported groceries and ingredients for Asian cuisine. There is a large parking garage with roof access which offers a nice view of the city as well as a quiet-but-present soundscape of the surrounding metropolis. The marketplace is located inside a galleria which is far from desolate, but is also not jammed with chains. Instead you have several small shops that benefit from the mall format and an atmosphere that isn't polluted with sound.

Invisible Sounds 消音
San Pedro

San Pedro is a neighborhood in Los Angeles that feels distinct from the rest of the city. A look at the Los Angeles City map shows a small foot off to the South, which is where San Pedro is located. This is one reason it has a mood that is more laid back, feels more serene, and is often overlooked by other Angelenos. For us, this is a special place where we spent a lot of time looking out into the void of the ocean and could feel a profound sense of quiet that other beachside communities lack. This was filmed on one of the hottest weekends in Southern California.

Ritual Explorations
Installation & Performance Series

Whispering Smoke
Our first ritual, Whispering Smoke, premiered at the 2023 soundPedro event at Angel’s Gate Cultural Center in San Pedro, Los Angeles.

Collective CookingFor our second ritual, we were invited by Culture Hub LA to present a piece that was interactive and performative.


Artist Photos by Jennelle Fong