Our work is at home with visual media, but we also perform and record our own special brand of experimental sound. Using manipulated samples, synthesizers and language, we make small worlds of possibility.

Lavender Eggplant 《绛仙》

Casa Berenice

1. Inky Night (烏夜啼)
2. Dew Drop Refraction (採露回)
3. Small Dawn (剪朝霞)
4. Soft Wood (楊柳枝)
5. Pond Ducks (鴨頭綠)
6. Steamed Buns (氤小團)
7. Lake Geese (野鴻鳴)

“...Squash & Biscuit’s evocation of memory is apt and rewards repeat listening through increased awareness of meaning attached to their collection of sounds.”
I Care If You Listen

“Lavender Eggplant gives me this feeling that I’m observing a slice of everyday life that’s been cut, looped on a reel to reel, with heavenly textures and the comfort of human expressions added to it.”
Knowing More About Nothing

Contact Wave dublab Radio Show, May 17th
Fractal Meat NTS Radio Show, April 19th Post-Geography NTS Radio Show, May 19th
Freeness with Asher Gamedze, BBC Radio 3, May 1st


flitr is a digital musical compilation featuring 36 artists implementing those samples with the optional addition of including their own human voice(s).」

Our track, Flower ( huā)is featured along with other amazing artists.


“...Flitr is an internet artifact in its own right, a research project and a conceptual riddle that reflects the digital age in all its chaotic, overwhelming glory.”
a closer listen